“The more you sweat in training,
the less you bleed in war.”

Libertus Inner Strength
Training & Coaching

1-hr weekly sessions
– month-to-month, cancel any time –

Inner Strength Training by Professional Coaches

James Stamatelos, MPIA, PC, Libertus Founder
 Janelle Buchheit, M.Ed., NCC, ACC

Stop trying and start doing

We tailor fit our program to the individual needs of each client while staying within a framework that develops self-confidence, self-trust, and self-love. Our goal is to help clients reconnect with who they truly are so they can live as their most authentic and powerful selves.

Our training program is built to produce results as soon as possible. Unlike counseling, most coaching relationships only last 3-12 months. We deliver value in every session and maintain the relationship only so long as it serves all.

We ask all new clients to a join us in a brief, 20 minute, no-strings-attached phone call before getting started. This lets us answer any questions you may have while making sure Libertus Inner Strength Training is the right choice for you.

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2-Hour Inner Strength

A 2-hr in-depth interview and assessment
$225 $150 – New Year’s Special! Limited time only

Make a plan to get results

Have you been living from a place of strength or weakness?

Take an in-depth exploration of your dreams and aspirations while discovering how to achieve them from a place of inner strength. By the end of this two-hour call you should have a clear idea of what you what, what you’re really after, and have a basic game plan you can start implementing now. This is a perfect and safe option for those beginning on their journey of strength and growth.


I achieved more in 3 months
than 7 years of counseling.

I achieved more in 3 months of Libertus Training I did in 7 years of counseling. I’m calmer, at peace, and feel like myself for the first time in ages. Anxiety and depression have been replaced by a growing sense of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-love. I finally am engaging with myself and the world in a positive way, and things I’ve wanted for years are finally happening. Libertus Training has allowed me to discover more about myself than I ever imagined. I cannot recommend it enough. – David (35)

After two months my anxiety dropped 50%

“I have been battling social anxiety for years. I’ve worked with therapists, counselors, psychiatrists – all with minimal results. Yet after just two months of working with Libertus my anxiety has dropped over 50%. That says enough. I’m finally developing a sense of strength and self-worth from within.” – Steven (21)

My son finally believes he can take back control of his life.

James has been coaching my 20-year-old son (diagnosed with Anxiety & ADHD) for the last four months. In that short period of time I’ve seen outstanding improvement – there’s a self-confidence I have never seen before and my son finally believes he can take back control of his life. James’s future-focused approach has done wonders for us. I can’t recommend his services enough for any parent seeking help for a child that could use some coaching and real life guidance to overcome the personal challenges they are facing. – George (Parent)

Not just for men.

Libertus Training may be marketed to men but it’s extremely powerful for driven women as well. I’ve been with James for over a year and the amount of change I’ve created in my life is unimaginable. I’ve worked with many others in the past but I never made any progress, I was never challenged to grow, nor was kept on target during sessions instead of wasting time. Not anymore. James is a firm and deeply compassionate anchor that keeps me rooted to myself and helps me conquer obstacles head on. I’m finally addressing the root of my problems instead of just managing the symptoms like I did with everyone else. I’ve let go of the past and am unafraid of the future. If you want to make change in your life start now! – Kayla (35)

I recommend Libertus training for any of your business, personal, or spiritual adventures.

I began Libertus Training while working as a Cross Country and Track and Field Coach at at Duquesne University. After just a few months of working together I went on to become the 2013 Women’s Atlantic 10 Cross Country Coach of the Year while also helping us win the Women’s Atlantic 10 Championship in Cross Country. It helped me to focus, build my drive, and balance my life in a unique way. I highly recommend it for any of your business, personal, or spiritual adventures. – Tom (32)

Libertus Inner Strength
Boot Camp

Group Training/Coaching

Perfect for men’s organization, progressive companies, or local governments who want to improve their communities from the ground up. Our Inner Strength Training Boot Camp is an intense, 8-week program that challenges its participants to discover who they are, what drives them, and how to face their problems head on from a place of Inner Strength. The program includes weekly group meetings, a buddy support system, and individualized coaching for all participants.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Act from a place of Internal Strength instead of Fear
  • Recognize and claim their inherent birthright of self-worth and meaning
  • Work with their emotions instead of fighting/repressing them
  • Discover who they are and what matters most to them
  • Rewire the relationship with themselves, and by doing so, change the relationships they have with each other and everyone around them
  • Breathe through discomfort, difficulty, and uncertainty
  • Take full responsibility for their life and make it theirs
  • …and more