All for one, one for all

Who We Are

We are focused on helping men bring out their best from within through a powerful group environment. From crossing the oceans to landing on the moon, mankind has always achieved its best when working together. Achieving individual success should be no different.

Libertus was founded by James Stamatelos, an ICF trained coach with a background in counterterrorism and emergency response.

Why Men?

As you may have noticed in the Inner Strength Training testimonials, we do occasionally work with driven women as well. However, we feel there is a huge gap in self-improvement services for men. As the original home of Inner Strength Training, we believe a good life is built from the ground up within.

You’re not a “man” by the clothes you wear, razor you use, number of girls you hook up with, physique, or any other superficial and bullshit means of measurement.  You’re a man (and likewise, a woman) by your ability to stand up, speak, and live out your truth in every moment.  It’s about living as yourself – and that’s exactly what Inner Strength allows you to do.

What We Believe

We can choose to live from one of two places: Love or Fear.

Love is the source of all Inner Strength. It assumes we are already whole, already complete, and can overcome any obstacle with ease. It is both brutally honest and deeply courageous. Love does not let us hide from ourselves or the world.  Instead, it compels us to live “out from within” and create from a place of genuine truth and unconditional self-worth.

Fear is the parent of Inner Weakness. It sees us as frail, fragile, and weak. No matter what Fear never has enough.  It’s the millionaire who still stresses over money or the beauty queen who can’t stop getting plastic surgery.  It gives us one consistent message – hide, fight, or flee, because you’re constantly at risk of being destroyed. There’s no authenticity here, only protection.

You are the source of everything you do. The job you pick, the person you marry, children you raise, hobbies you engage in, how you spend your nights – all of these are determined by your habitual choices between Love and Fear. This includes the most important choice of all: the relationship you build with yourself.

We at Libertus are on a mission to help men redefine the way the engage with themselves and the world around them. By developing a daily practice of Inner Strength they gain the power to repeatedly act from a place of Love and build a life that reflects who they are within.  It’s all about being yourself.