Find the strength to be yourself.

Libertus Inner Strength Training

Becoming strong doesn’t happen by chance. It’s built one day at a time.

Libertus (“free man”) is a organization dedicated to the improvement of lives for all men. We focus on the intersection of masculinity and deep personal growth. Our approach is as simple as it is challenging – to help each man go within, cultivate peace and strength, and find the courage to live as his true authentic self.

Our men are able to get centered, face their fears, and bring out their best from within. We do not tell our members how to live or what to do. Instead, we give them a framework with the tools, perception, and powerful team environment needed to let them answer their life’s questions for themselves.

We look for three things in training candidates:

  1. Willingness to change and grow
  2. Willingness to be completely honest with oneself and others
  3. Willingness to move through fear and take action at a deep level – and to help others do the same